R&D Team

Leaded by the Chief Science Professor Zhu Quan, Consun owns more than 60 researchers and half of them have worked in pharmaceutical industry more than 10 years, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 2 doctors and 10 masters as the main members. Professor Zhu was the former Deputy Director of the Medicine College of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Director and doctoral supervisor of National Standardization Laboratory for Chinese Herbal Pharmacology (國家規范化中藥藥理實驗室). Professor Zhu also served as an expert of Science & Technology Commission of Ministry of Education(國家教育部科學技術委員會), an assessment expert of Department of Life Science of National Natural Science Foundation(國家自然科學基金生命科學部) and a drug evaluation expert of Jiangsu Province and the People's Republic of China.

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